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At Conduit Chiropractic, we offer a host of holistic services to help support you in all aspects of life. Dr. Clay's goal is to support Innate Intelligence in any way possible. Primarily, we focus on Chiropractic and the Nervous System allowing healing to happen from Above-Down and Inside-Out. Additionally, we offer nutritional counseling, emotional wellbeing services, and functional medicine to support you beyond your Nervous System.

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60 minutes - $120

The initial investment in taking control of your Health.

During this visit, you and Dr. Clay will get to know each other and create a care plan that suits your needs.


20 minutes - ranges from $30 to $80/visit

Our Chiropractic suite of services include Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy, Myofascial Trigger Point Release, and Soft Tissue Manipulation.

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60 minutes - ranges from $60 to $120/visit

Book your Nutritional Consultation to get started on your Healthy Eating Plan. This visit you and Dr. Clay will discuss your dietary concerns and goals for nutritional counseling. After your consultation, you will book a follow-up to evaluate progress and any concerns.

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Dr. Clay offers Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT, or Tapping, is a system of breaking down negative beliefs and clearing negative emotions from the Nervous System. EFT helps reprocess Specific Events that have disrupted emotional pathways. Please call, text or email the office to inquire about EFT services.

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60 to 75 minutes - ranges from $175 to $350/visit

Your first visit will be a free 15 minute discovery call. During this meeting, you and Dr. Clay will discuss your concerns and make sure our Functional Medicine services are a good fit for both you and our practice.  When beginning Functional Medicine care, please be aware this will be a journey rather than a quick fix.

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Lab Work Interpretation

Following your Functional Medicine Consultation, specific laboratory testing will be recommended to help uncover the root cause of your symptoms. Once the appropriate tests are completed and results returned to Dr. Clay, you will schedule a follow-up to your consultation where you will be provided with a comprehensive care plan to help restore balance to your body. Functional tests vary in price but can be billed over a three month period if preferred.

Booking Information

If you are interested in beginning care at Conduit Chiropractic, please book a "Chiropractic Consultation," "Nutritional Consultation," or "Functional Medicine Discovery Visit" by clicking the "Book Here" icon at top of the page or by clicking the picture above any listed service. Nutritional Consultations and Functional Medicine may also be booked via TeleHealth format by clicking the linked service name. Please be on the lookout once you have booked your consultation, as your intake paperwork will be emailed to you a few minutes after appointment booking.

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