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Your First Visit

Just after booking your Nutritional Consultation, you will receive the comprehensive nutrition intake form. This form needs to be completed prior to your visit and includes a complete five (5) day food diary. Please include EVERYTHING you have consumed in the past five days in this food diary, even if you feel embarrassed. This is a judgment free zone and we are here to support and congratulate your decision to make better Health choices through the way of a Healthy Eating Plan.

During your first visit, you and Dr. Clay will sit together to discuss your intake form and dietary history. You will have plenty of time for questions so please come prepared with questions about anything related to dietary intervention. These questions might range anywhere from "How do I prepare eggs in a way that doesn't gross me out?" to "What are tips to help me stop overeating?" and anything in between. The only bad question is a question unasked. At the completion of your first visit, you will schedule a follow-up visit for approximately three months in the future. This will give you time to implement your individualized Healthy Eating Plan and truly see a difference in your original symptoms. At your follow-up visit, there will be time to discuss any challenges or concerns you have, as well as, revisit your original reasons for beginning care to monitor and celebrate progress.

*Depending on your intake and primary concerns, functional nutritional laboratory testing might be required. This testing ranges in price and is not covered in the fee for your consultation. Payment plans are available for laboratory testing.

Individualized Care

We are all different so every person's care should reflect that. Before your visit, we ask that you complete all materials emailed to you upon booking your appointment. Completing the requested forms will ensure that Dr. Clay has had time to get to know a little bit about your specific dietary concerns. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to the time you have booked and plan to spend about one hour with Dr. Clay reviewing your nutritional intake form.

Most insurance providers do not adequately cover nutritional counseling and dictate frequency and duration of care not based on the individual, but rather on a standard treatment plan structure. For this reason we do not accept insurance as payment. We can, however, provide our Patients with the proper documents which can be submitted to many insurance providers for *reimbursement purposes.


"I am so looking forward to building a care plan for each individual seeking an individualized, holistic path to optimal Health. Just like in anything else, a team effort always makes goals more easily accomplished. Take care and, until we meet... Be well."

- Dr. Clay

*Reimbursement will be an arrangement between you (the insured) and your insurance company.

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