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Our Functional Medicine Process

Functional Medicine is a system that utilizes a comprehensive health history, physical examination, and specialized functional laboratory testing to uncover the root cause of many different and widespread symptoms. By uncovering the body systems and functions that are not performing optimally, a comprehensive care plan can be formulated that will help return the body to a state of balance and optimal function. When formulating your care plan, your functional medicine practitioner will consider dietary and supplement recommendations, lifestyle modifications, movement practices, and stress reduction techniques to include. Functional medicine seeks to care for the whole person and provide support to the individual. No one is exactly alike and neither should your healthcare be.

A few common reasons to seek care from a certified functional medicine practitioner are listed below.

Post COVID Symptoms

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Migraine/Chronic Headaches

Hormonal Imbalances

Mental Health Support

IBS/GI Disorders

Fertility Issues

Cardiovascular Health

Autoimmune Conditions

Diabetes/Blood Sugar Regulation

Optimized Performance

Environmental Toxin Exposure

Individualized Care

We are all different so every person's care should reflect that. We start with a free 15 minute virtual visit to discuss your reasons for beginning care and to make sure our approach will be beneficial to you. Once we have established rapport, an initial blood lab panel will be ordered to provide a baseline of your body's functioning. This initial blood panel is included in the price of your functional medicine consultation and will be covered in-depth during your consultation. Please be aware that, because of the complex nature of functional medicine, your initial consultation will likely be 60-75 minutes.

Functional diagnostic testing is on the cutting edge of science today thus most testing is not covered by insurance providers. For this reason we do not accept insurance as payment but can provide documents that will be helpful in seeking insurance reimbursement for our services. In an effort to reduce cost for our patients as much as possible, we partner with several companies that provide significantly discounted prices for functional testing and quality nutritional supplements. One of our goals is to make functional medicine accessible to all, no matter your budget.


"I am so looking forward to building a care plan for each individual seeking an individualized, holistic path to optimal Health. Just like in anything else, a team effort always makes goals more easily accomplished. Take care and, until we meet... Be well."

- Dr. Clay

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